How to making money with DoorDash
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How to making money with DoorDash


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More than 7,000 cities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, and Japan are served by DoorDash. You can deliver in a neighborhood near your home or in locations you go to.

You may open the Driver app and arrange a shift or "dash" whenever you like after your application is approved (which typically takes three to seven days) and you've finished setting up your profile. If the app indicates that drivers are needed at that time, you can do this.

How To Make More Money With DoorDash

The most successful Dashers are constantly looking for methods to maximize their profits. They are continuously considering ways to increase their productivity and hourly pay. Start thinking like a company owner if you want to profit more from DoorDash.

Let's use two drivers who each put in 40 hours a week as an example.

Delivery driver A for DoorDash concentrates on picking up as many orders as he can and earning a few more bucks for each delivery. He doesn't give any thought to his hourly wage.

Tips on How to Make the Most Money on Doordash

DoorDash gives you two delivery options: Dash Now or scheduling your dashes. Scheduling your shifts and zone in advance will result in more earnings, and you’ll get more priority bookings. You can book up to five days in advance and secure those delivery hot spots and times.

Avoid Traffic Jams

Even if you weren't at fault for being stopped in traffic, making late deliveries might hurt your reputation and tips. Customers who are ravenous and receive cold meals aren't usually the most understanding.

Take no chances!

Purchase a trustworthy navigation app that alerts you to areas with heavy traffic due to accidents and road construction so you can stay out of traffic jams. The majority of Dashers advise using Google Maps or Waze to avoid traffic.

Find the Perfect Waiting Spot

Even if you receive a few deliveries each day from sitting outside a single hotspot, you can still be passing on a sizable number of orders.

Finding a spot with multiple eateries gathered together is your best chance.

When you're waiting somewhere with lots of fast-food restaurants, you can order many deliveries at once because they're all close by.

If there is a food court within the mall, the parking lot is a fantastic place to wait, as are chain malls with a collection of eateries.

Take Advantage of Low Competition

During the periods when fewer individuals are out delivering, be accessible.

That can need you to rise early in the morning for those who enjoy breakfast or remain up late at night for those who are night owls. You may get even more deliveries to yourself if you rearrange your schedule to coincide with either of these periods.

Go outside even when it is pouring.

Inclement weather discourages people from going out to dine or from making deliveries. You have more chances to make money if you don't mind getting a bit wet.

Accept Multiple Deliveries

It's critical to emphasize that this strategy only works if the pick-up and drop-off sites are nearby.

Batch orders from the same restaurant allow you to pick up the entire order with only one stop.

Make sure the locations are on the same path if you are picking up more than one order from many nearby locations so you can get there quickly.

When receiving several orders at once, always aim for efficiency; otherwise, you risk losing more cash than you take in.

The Best Doordash Driver Tips to Help You Make the Most Money

Keep in mind that the vacuum principle can apply here. If too many drivers are grabbing those busy times, they may leave things wide open during non-peak hours. Know how things work in your area and when you can make the most money.

Pay attention to events that may lead to more food delivery orders. Football season can lead to more deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays, and Monday nights. Popular TV events such as awards shows and series finales often have people ordering food for delivery. 

You can use the loss leader principle with some low-paying orders. Some deliveries don't make sense on their own but might still help you make more money. For instance, suppose you're on your way home or heading to a more profitable area after completing an order. A lower-paying offer within your route lets you make a little money along the way.

Another scenario is if you must wait long for food to be ready at a restaurant. You may find a short, quick offer on another platform that doesn't pay much but can be finished before the food is ready.

Many Doordash orders don't pay well enough on their own to accept. However, you can sometimes fit them in and make a few dollars more without additional time and effort.