Shazam Encore Full Premium MODAPK 13.50.0-230928
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Shazam Encore Full Premium MODAPK 13.50.0-230928

 Shazam Encore Full Premium MODAPK 13.50.0-230928

It’s rare for apps to recognize images through posters to find out the song’s title, but Shazam has become the first to feature this clever function. Manipulated through many modern processes that users using this application seem much easier and more convenient. Not only that, through the lyrics somewhere, you can also find out the name of the song by bringing the camera closer to the lyrics to search for the name of the song. Besides, the application also allows image recognition as QR code readers. It can be said that the application of superstar magic gives us an invaluable gift. Players can also use the application as a game in fun meetings with their friends, contributing to a more prosperous conversation atmosphere.


What makes the app so popular is that users can buy tickets to meet singers’ infamous concerts. Shazam has presented an excellent opportunity for you to own it. Not only that, but you can also purchase tickets at a more favorable price than other web prices. Instead, we often miss the opportunity to meet music idols. Using this application will help you fulfill your purpose of completing your favorite singer. Let the app explore popular concerts with your famous singers for you.

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Identify music instantly and share in the thrill of music discovery with the artists you love.

See what top artists like Calvin Harris, Pitbull, Meghan Trainor, Avicii, Jason Derulo, Wiz Khalifa and others are Shazaming.

New discoveries from artists you’ve Shazamed appear automatically

Follow new artists with a tap of a button and see what those artists are Shazaming

Stay up-to-date about new singles, albums, and videos from the artists you follow

It’s great that we can use the software anytime, anywhere, and we want. Almost every request within Shazam’s capacity can be met for users. Furthermore, users should use Pop-up to identify songs in apps like Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, etc. You are not too worried when your phone does not have an internet connection when you need to find an important song, and the application can be used even when you are offline. Not only that, but users can also turn on the Auto Shazam feature to continue finding pieces even when you have left the application. In addition, your favorite songs are sorted into a favorites list to add to the playlist on Apple Music.

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Stay in the loop with Shazam’s real time charts

Connect Rdio or Spotify to play full tracks in Shazam

Check out recommended tracks to discover new music

Find out what’s popular in your town, your country and the world

Quick links to Google Play and Amazon stores

Listening to music has probably become one of the essential needs of every person’s life. With music, the market is always fluctuating day by day, and the increase in the number of songs makes it difficult for the listeners to remember the names of the entire song. For example, when you hear a good song melody, you will immediately be attracted to it but will not be able to know the exact name of the song.

This application has built-in powerful search algorithms that allow you to easily identify music tunes, singers, and more. Once the results are available, users can easily preview the song or add it to the playlist later. In the latest version, the Apple publisher also integrates the OK Google feature into this application to make the usage process more convenient. Basically, you just need to say “Ok Google, Shazam this song”, the application will automatically search and identify the song being played quickly. You can also use Shazam to search for music even when offline through the built-in Shazam Offline feature.

Open the app and place it again near where the music is playing. Shazam will recognize and give results for that song. The name of the song, the singer shows even the lyrics. When it comes to a deep melody, a love song. Just open your phone and open Shazam, with the app’s voice recorder. Shazam quickly gave you detailed information on that track. The interface, as well as the usage, is very simple, you will quickly get acquainted with the usage. Finding songs only takes a few taps. Shazam took care of the remaining steps. The search engine gives the fastest results.